Ways Technology is Reshaping the Direct Selling Industry

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It’s simply remarkable how technology makes everything easier, faster, and within reach. Businesses used to work with multiple other businesses just to get their offers closer to consumers. Now, one can simply reach out to their target audiences without the need for a face-to-face model. Others even skipped the brick-and-mortar store by direct selling their offers online. They even made history by catering to customers overseas without opening a local store.

Ecommerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba may be dominating the online landscape. But even startups are able to compete with these already established businesses with the help of technology. The following examples show how direct selling companies are utilizing technology to aid their success:

Digital Payments

Before, cash and check are the only ways one can pay for the things they buy and services they avail. But thanks to today’s technology, one can use different digital payment solutions to receive payment from direct online sellers. There is no need to go to a local store just to pay in cash or swipe their cards.

Now that we are living in the new normal, more consumers are choosing direct sellers. This is not just because online shopping is much more convenient. They also like the fact that buying from direct sellers meant fewer people handling their orders.

Nowadays, businesses make use of different payment solutions to create a more innovative customer experience. They even use this as part of their loyalty rewards program. If there is one thing that can set an online seller apart from other businesses that would be a seamless payment experience.

Social Selling

One of the fastest ways to market one’s offers and find new prospects is through social selling. This is a kind of lead generation strategy where companies use social media platforms to find, interact, and engage potential clients. With the number of people actively using social media each day, it only makes sense to use the platform for business-related activities.

Social selling can help companies find potential clients, pinpoint their challenges, and market their offers effectively. It is not about bombarding everyone with unsolicited messages. It is about building actual relationships with your prospects and existing clients to offer solutions to their pain points.

Failure to utilize social selling can lead to your business missing out on many opportunities. You will find it harder to gain referrals who are looking for businesses with a good online reputation. Your competitors will gain an additional edge with your business being one less rival to worry about online.

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Video Marketing

Consumers have different needs and preferences. If you only stick to long, boring, and written content, then you will fail to engage customers. It will be hard to catch the attention of prospects who wants more value out of their precious time.

Video marketing makes keeping customers interested and engaged easy. You don’t necessarily need to produce an hour-long video just to catch the attention of your audiences. Sometimes, even one-minute videos are enough to pique the interest of consumers.

Statistics show just how powerful video marketing can be. According to Oberlo, up to 85% of internet users worldwide enjoy watching online video content. This means you can gain more than half of your target audiences’ attention by investing in a high-quality and engaging video for your brand.

Influencer Marketing

Almost all businesses now work with influencers from all walks of life. They realize just how powerful their influence is to consumers, that the most beloved influencers can make things go viral with just one post. This is what businesses aim to achieve, to make their offers go viral.

Direct sellers don’t even have to organize a meet and greet with their target influencers just to collaborate. One can simply reach out online, explain their offers, and ask them the influencers if they are willing to make a review or promote the product. Most influencers are happy to do this even for startups in exchange for free products to review.

Influencer marketing is today’s go-to way of generating hype. One does not necessarily need to commission influencers with at least a million followers just to achieve their goal. Even influencers with thousands of followers can be a great starting point for startups with a low budget.

There may already be thousands of existing businesses offering the same products you plan on selling. But there are also tons of high-tech ways to promote your offers. You may not have thousands worth of budget in marketing your brand. But technology helps make your job easier in terms of widening your reach, engaging clients, and boosting your sales. You just need to utilize the right technology to cover your business needs and you can start growing your startup brand.

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