Facebook Page vs. Website: Why Websites Matter More?

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If there’s one thing the virus did right, speeding the adoption of digitalization can be on top of the list. Indeed, as quarantines and movement restrictions became the norm, people looked to the internet as their savior. Schools took up online classes instead of in-person settings. Businesses depended on online purchases to boost their sales. The result?  Internet use went up to about 70% when the virus came dropping in.

So what does that tell every businessman worth his name in salt? Everything needs to be digital.  Traditional methods of advertising, e.g., posting banners and fliers, no longer worked. Advertising and marketing for business had to go digital. Without a digital presence, your business is bound to be buried alive.

Ultimately, two methods proved successful in providing a digital presence for a brand. One is via a Facebook page and the other is through a business website. The million-dollar question, therefore, is: Which one is best for your business? Learn expert perspectives so you can weigh in best.

Talking about Control 

One of the main benefits that come with having your website is that you have total control. This is not something you can get with an FB page.

With Facebook, you’re under the social media umbrella. That means you have to adhere to its rules and regulations. There’s a limit to what can post on your Facebook page for one. But then, with a website, you get to do whatever you want and how you choose to. The freedom, in the long run, could pay off a lot.

With your website, you can decide what type of interactions take place. And the good thing is people who will be fully invested in those conversations are your customers. Or at least people interested in getting your goods and services. This is not something Facebook offers. It can get you an audience but you’ll have to sort through hundreds if not, thousands of unrelated conversations.

Another good thing is once you build your website, that’s it. Your brand is set. Your website will remain as you want it to. With Facebook, your page will look as Facebook wants it to look. If the social media giant changes direction, you’ll have to change with it or go home.

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Establishing Online Presence

The trend of businesses going digital isn’t leaving anytime soon. Thus it’s best you establish your brand early on, exactly what a website affords you.

Having a website is like having the main office. You may have other branches somewhere else but you have only one main office. It sets the tone for your digital presence.

It shows who you are. Take Reebok as an example. If you look at its website, you can feel right from the get-go the Reebok-ness of the website.

Facebook pages can be your satellite offices. Even though business transactions take place there as well, it can’t replace the central office. The Facebook page should therefore push customers forward to the main office, which is your website.

A good online presence, therefore, could use both Facebook and a website to boost sales.

Bear in mind, however, that to be able to build a decent online presence with your website, you need the right professionals. Working with an experienced web development service company should be at the top of your list for best results.

Website Analytics

Website Analytics is one of the perks you get for opening your website. When you have your website, you can run Google Analytics to find out certain things. Though FB has its own analytics, it falls short when it comes to consumer behavior analysis.

First up, you get to find out about customers that visit your page with Google Analytics. Even better, you get to find out what other pages they visit. This gives you a picture of your competition in the business world. And this will help you to improve as a business by just checking out what your competition offers that you don’t.

Moreover, you can also find out how long they spend on your page. As well as the page they open when on your website. Information about age groups and location is also provided. This helps you know who your target audience is. With this, you can work harder to deliver to that particular target audience.

If you have the financial strength to do it, a website is your best friend. However, if you’re still starting and your finances are not as settled, then starting with a Facebook Page can go a long way to establish your brand. It’s free and it’s available in minutes.

The best option, however, is to have both. Aim for both as much as you can. And why not? One is your brand’s home while the other is your brand’s beckon. As in the case of billboards in a superhighway, two is definitely better than one.

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