Technologies Helping Us Through COVID-19

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COVID-19 swept the world into uncertainty and fear because of the terror it brought into people’s lives. It caused a global emergency rapidly, pushing world leaders to place the whole population into lockdown. Going out became a thing of fairy tales. People no longer enjoy trips to the mall, restaurant dates, and late nights at the cinema. Seeing friends and family, especially those we don’t live with, became impossible because of all the unknowns of the COVID-19 virus. Staying home became the anthem, and sanitation became the religion.

Luckily, there was hope for some resemblance of familiarity and normalcy that helped us march through the lockdowns with the help of technology. It proved to be a crucial part of everyone’s lives during the pandemic in more ways than anyone could have imagined. That hope came from existing technologies to new ones that emerged out of necessity. Whatever it was, there was always an app or online service that influenced how people lived every day.

Keeping in Touch

One of the most significant pieces of technology that most people already had was their smartphones. Instant messaging and video calling apps proved their significance even more in helping us connect with friends and family whenever restrictions were in place. It satisfied our need for human connection and social interaction when everybody cooped up in their homes to stay safe.

Hosting parties and celebrating birthdays happened via video calls, with everyone bringing their food and drinks to the camera. We also turned to watch parties and online gaming as fun ways to bond with those dear to us. We all had creative ways to make these online platforms feel as close to reality as possible, letting the people on the other side of the screen know how we felt.

These things show just how important online communication is amid the crisis. It enables people to maintain their relationships and connections among friends and family without the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

All Things Money

The one thing that no one can avoid is money and payments. They are a part of everything we do. From utilities to our daily needs, everything will end with money or some form of payment. Traditionally, cash is king. That’s a thing of the past in the landscape of a pandemic. Everybody wants to eliminate as many processes as possible involving face-to-face interactions, and handing over money to make payments is one of many.

Enter contactless payment methods. E-wallets and payment apps made payments safer during the pandemic, offering ways for people to pay without handling cash. Alongside these apps were banks that started offering online services. Account-holders could check their online savings accounts, making payments and transfers seamless. Additionally, these apps and services eliminated the need for long lines at payment centers and banks by enabling people to do all those in the comfort of their homes.

Work from Home

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Remote work wasn’t a new concept that came about because of COVID-19. For the longest time, it’s been the tool of the trade of digital nomads across the globe. The setup allows them to work while traveling the world. Of course, it wasn’t a widely accepted practice pre-COVID. Business owners were skeptical of the idea because they wouldn’t physically see their employees working. Its implementation in the corporate never felt possible. However, the pressure of COVID-19 forced businesses to adapt or risk losing everything.

A shift to remote work is dominant worldwide, with enterprises small and large looking to technology for solutions. An emergence of programs and apps that digitized business processes and procedures suddenly became mainstays in how businesses operate. From online conferences, meetings, and workspaces, there was always an app for everything. It helped relieve some of the pressures off employees, affording them more time to pay attention to other things more important than work in a COVID-stricken environment.

Your Everyday Needs

Groceries, food, toiletries, medicine, and everything else in between, and there’s bound to be a delivery service for it. Online deliveries might as well be the most appreciated service powered by technology during this whole pandemic. Through them, people were able to acquire everyday essentials without leaving their homes. Of course, these wouldn’t be possible without the help of the front-liners who made the deliveries to our doorstep. But a large part of the process relied heavily on the app connecting people to delivery providers.

Without these technologies in our lives, who knows how worse COVID-19 could have spread. People would be out and about at groceries, malls, and more to acquire their needs. It will put people at risk of exposure to the virus. Thankfully, these pieces of technology are available for use.

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