Smart Home Appliances & Devices Worth Buying in 2021

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The smart home technology market has seen its highest adoption rate and demand spike during the COVID-19 pandemic. With people stuck at home and unable to travel or spend money on experiences, many have diverted their money on improving their homes. Home improvement projects like remodels, organization hacks, and furniture upgrades have surged.

Similarly, smart home devices have also increased in popularity as many homeowners find new ways to improve their home’s comfort, security, and functionality. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, smart home technologies have been all the rage, especially among Millennials. In fact, over 31 percent of US households with broadband already have smart speakers, and it’s expected to grow to 55 percent by 2023.

The pandemic has clearly changed the way people interact with their homes. With automation and IoT technologies getting more advanced than ever, we can expect to see the percentage of smart homeowners increase in the next couple of years.

So if you’re planning to make this transition yourself, here are smart home appliances and devices that are worthy of your investment:

1. Smart speakers and displays

In the smart speaker niche, there is only a handful that stands out. The Amazon Echo and Google Nest Hub lines are the most proven and tested options for creating a smart home ecosystem. The Sonos line of smart home speakers is also worth checking out as it supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Samsung and Apple’s smart home hubs are also growing in popularity, both of which allow you to create smart home routines and allow all your smart devices to work together.

2. Smart outlets/plugs

If you’re looking to upgrade your home with smart appliances, the best place to start is to install smart outlets. This way, your smart appliances will work seamlessly and can be easily controlled and monitored using your automation hub. The upfront costs may be a lot more compared to conventional plugs. Still, these smart options let you monitor useful data like energy usage to optimize your consumption better. You can also get outdoor plugs that let you control things like patio lights and pool pumps. When buying smart outlines, though, make sure they are compatible with your hub.

3. Home security cameras
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Whether you bought your home with your savings or a through a mortgage company, it’s important to invest in its security and safety. Installing security cameras and intruder alarm systems is a must, even if you’re spending most of your time at home. Step up from conventional cameras with smarter options that feature higher resolutions, weather resistance, and intelligent motion detection. You should also get one that delivers detailed videos even at night.

4. Video doorbells

If you find yourself ordering food and shopping online more often these days, it would be wise to get a video doorbell with intelligent features like voice control and intelligent alerts. This device lets you see whoever’s in your door, so you’d only open it to someone you’re expecting. This tool is useful, especially if you’re not home, as it records footage of anyone who tries to enter through your front door.

5. Furbo dog camera

It’s becoming more of a possibility that people will start returning to work before the year ends. If you have pets who have been used to having people at home throughout the day, you’ll have to deal with separation anxiety. The Furbo dog camera doubles as a dog nanny as it lets you talk to your dog and toss out treats when you’re out. It can even work as an indoor security camera, making it a worthy investment.

6. Smart kitchen appliances

Smart home technology goes beyond smart thermostats and voice-activated lights. You can elevate your daily chores like cooking, washing the dishes, and cleaning the house with smart appliances. Smart ovens and pressure cookers, for instance, allow you to prepare meals perfectly by providing precise instructions via smartphone apps. Want to keep your house clean every day without breaking a sweat? Robot vacuums have accurate sensors and video navigation features that ensure each nook and cranny is spick and span. A robotic lawnmower does the same thing and uses GPS and Wi-Fi radios to ensure a seamless and safe operation.

On top of these devices, smart home fitness equipment and gadgets, smart sprinklers, and even smart beds transform how people live and make their homes optimized to their unique needs and lifestyle. For your next home improvement projects, make sure to have these on the list.

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