Smart Gadgets That Will Make Your Outdoor Shoots Better


Capturing great shots and shooting in ideal settings can depend on different environmental conditions. A perfect example of this is filming at the golden hour. For naturally bright and beautiful shots and footage, waiting for the perfect moment of the day to get your shots will let you capture moments without the need for post touch-ups and edits. Aside from the challenges of taking stunning images, getting to the location of your outdoor shoots can also present its own difficulties. To help you experience enjoyable and convenient remote shoots, below are gadgets and devices you can use.

Portable Translator

If you’re planning to shoot in international locations, not knowing the local language will increase your chances of getting lost or being tricked into buying unnecessary things in no time. To successfully find your way in unknown territory, you must at least know simple local phrases and words. You can enlist the help of a fixer service to ensure that preparations run smoothly, and you can also get yourself a portable translator to make work more efficient. Made for convenience, a portable translator lets you seamlessly engage in conversations with locals and pick up helpful information.


One of the challenges outdoor shooting comes with is the lack of power sources, especially when you’re staying in remote areas. If your team needs to go off the grid for some scenes, you’ll need a lifeline that will give you a direct connection to the other staff in case of emergency. Power banks and solar chargers will keep not only your phone powered up but your other devices, such as flashlights, cameras, and various electricity-powered devices, as well.

Self-Powered Lamps

Self-powered lamps can be charged through solar power or by winding them up using their built-in rotators. For a scene to be recognized by the camera, it should be well lighted. Scenes with minimal lighting have their own innate charm, such as being mysterious and raw. However, the subjects should still be a bit illuminated for people to appreciate them fully. To get the lighting you need, taking sustainably powered lamps with you will illuminate your shooting area for longer periods.

Purifying Bottles

It’s easy to run out of drinking water, especially when you’ve been exploring and working all day. To keep you and your team hydrated, you can quench your thirst by drinking from natural water sources. However, keep in mind that certain locations are risky, as the water can contain contaminants that may be extremely harmful. Carrying gallons of drinking water is the most viable option, but this will add immense weight along with your other shooting equipment. By having handy purifying bottles that have efficient filtration systems, you’ll be able to keep yourself and your staff hydrated throughout your grind.

Mobile Hotspot

mobile hotspot

Instead of buying the local sim card sold in the country you’re exploring, having a mobile hotspot that can work in most places in the world will save you time and money. These things are designed with portability and reliability in mind. Since most devices offer up to six hours of battery life and can accommodate up to 10 devices, you no longer have to stop by hotels or restaurants for Wi-Fi and can easily connect with the other members of your crew whenever you’re shooting in multiple locations.

Digital Luggage Scale

A digital luggage scale is made to help you save time from getting in line for luggage scales in airports and prevent the hassle of leaving stuff behind or purchasing additional baggage allowance. Especially helpful for people traveling in packs, this gadget will keep you informed about your luggage’s weight, letting you know if you still have room or have hit the limit.

Universal Adaptor

Since shooting scenes and capturing images require electricity-powered equipment, you’d need outlets to plug them in. When you’re shooting abroad, you’ll know that some places have different power outlets and DC outputs, which can lead to it being damaged and even causing serious accidents when used with the wrong device. To prevent such instances, taking a universal adaptor with you, especially if you’re staying in hotel rooms, will let you keep your gadgets protected during the charging time.

Smartphone Gimbal

For scenes set on moving or unstable areas, such as thrilling rides, you can use a smartphone gimbal and capture quality footage even without a professional camera. With a smartphone gimbal, you’ll be able to record videos with less shaking and tape excellent footage that you can use for your content and other scenes. This shooting accessory features a lightweight and ergonomic design, letting you keep shooting without being weighed down by heavy and bulky equipment.

Shooting quality footage requires innovative technology, especially if you’re recording in areas you’re not familiar with and in locations with limited resources. By equipping yourself and your team with reliable gadgets and devices, you’ll be able to capture stunning shots and footage.

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