Five Ways Office Security Has Improved Throughout the Years

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Office security has come a long way over the years. In the early days, office security ensured that the doors were locked and that no one could get into the office without permission. These days, office security is much more complex. Here are five ways that office security has improved throughout the years:

Less Reliability on Manpower

The first thing that people might have noticed is that office security no longer relies as much on manpower. In the past, office security guards were responsible for keeping an eye on the premises and ensuring no one got in or out without permission. However, these days, many different types of security systems can be used to monitor the office. This means that there are fewer people required to staff the security team.

The main reason offices rely less on manpower is that security guards can be expensive. Their average pay is $15, so that’s a monthly expense of $1,800 for a 24/7 security team. Security guards also need to be trained, which can cost even more money.

Moreover, if you have a huge office, you must pay two teams for effective security measures. These guards are also prone to human error. They could fall asleep on the job, or they might not be paying attention when someone sneaks in.

More Tech

Office security has become more tech-savvy in recent years. In the past, the only way to monitor the office was to have someone physically present. Now, many different types of security systems can be used to monitor the office. It’s no wonder that the security systems industry is worth over $80 billion.

Nowadays, monitoring who is coming and going from the office is much easier. You can also track their movements and see what they are doing while they are on the premises. It helps to deter crime and makes it easier to catch criminals if a crime does occur.

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Centralized Systems

Another way that office security has changed is that many businesses are now using centralized systems. In the past, each office space would have its security system. It meant that if one system had a problem, the other systems would also be affected.

Now, businesses are using centralized security systems. This means that all of the security systems in the office are controlled from one central location. Therefore, if there is a problem with one system, it can be easily fixed without affecting the other systems.

It also makes it easier to monitor the office. You can see what is happening in all office parts at once. It’s much more efficient than having to check each security system.

Better Access Control

In the past, office security was all about keeping people out. However, these days, businesses are more concerned with who has access to their office. This is why access control systems have become so popular.

Access control systems allow businesses to control who can enter the office and when. For example, you can set up an access control system so only employees with a specific badge can enter the office after hours. It helps to keep intruders out and ensures that only authorized personnel have access to the office.

Proactive Security

The last way that office security has changed is to become more proactive. In the past, security teams would only react to a security breach. However, these days, many businesses are taking proactive measures to prevent security breaches from happening.

For example, businesses are now using analytics to identify potential security threats. They also use artificial intelligence to monitor the office and identify unusual activity. By being proactive, companies can prevent security breaches before they happen.

Old is Still Reliable

However, despite these changes, old security measures are still valuable for office safety.


Locks are still the best deterrents against crime. A reliable commercial mortise lock is a good barrier for many criminals. They are far more reliable and have more cycle counts than cylinder locks. Furthermore, they can be harder to pick. It’s a reliable investment and a cheap one at that.


Alarms are still a great way to deter criminals. They will usually set off an alarm if they try to break into the office. It will scare them away and alert the security team.

Security Guards

As stated earlier, security guards are expensive, but they play a pivotal role in office security. They are the first line of defense against criminals. They can also help to deter crime. Criminals are less likely to target your office if they know there’s a guard around.

As you can see, office security has come a long way over the years. It’s no longer just about keeping people out. Businesses are now using different systems to monitor the office and prevent security breaches.

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