Guide to Increasing Retail Sales in Singapore


The pandemic disrupted global economic activity when it started over a year ago. The situation also affected businesses relying on international travel, including the tourism sector. Domestic consumption also went down, which affected the food and retail sectors. Additionally, the manufacturing sector also suffered from the slowdown in external demand for products.

But the situation has changed for the better even as the world continues to grapple with the health crisis. Online retail sales increased as more retailers entered the world of e-commerce to connect with their market. With more than 70 percent of the population getting the full dose of the vaccine, the country is on track to ease restrictions.

Retailers can take this as a sign to start working on increasing sales once authorities lift restrictions in the country. Here are some things that retailers can work on to increase sales.

Make The Store Safe

Even though the threat of the virus is reduced with the vaccination program, retailers should still make customers feel safe when they enter the store. They should implement safety measures at the store to ensure the employees and customers stay healthy.

The retailers should also provide information about these safety measures to their customers through their websites and social media accounts. They can also send notifications through the mobile phones or email addresses of their customers.

Implement a Click and Collect Strategy

The retailer can also start a click and collect strategy. This is a retail strategy where the customers buy items online and collect them from the store. It allows the retailer to sell more items to the customer when he comes to the store to pick up the item he bought. This strategy is ideal for retailers looking to upsell products to the customer.

Increase the Online Presence

Since Singaporean consumers have gone online, retailers should also follow them. Setting up an online store allows retailers to connect with their customers and increase their reach in the market. They can also set up accounts on different social media platforms to reach their audience.

To increase their online presence, retailers should work with a trusted digital marketing company. These companies can perform search engine optimization to enhance the website and allow it to rank high on Google. They can also implement search engine and Facebook marketing strategies to increase the online visibility of the website.

Retailers should also list their business on Google My Business and Yelp. They should make sure all the necessary information about their store is available, including the location, business hours, and contact details. They can also provide reviews of the store.

Communicate with the Customers

Providing the contact information on the website allows the retailer to receive inquiries from its customers. The retailer should make sure the customers can easily connect with them through a phone call, SMS, email, messenger, and other methods of communication. With this, they can entice their customers to inquire about their products. Retailers can also promote their products to the customers who get in touch with them.

The retailers can also take orders from customers who call them. After taking their orders, they can use the connect and collect strategy to increase the chances of upselling products when the customers come in to collect their orders. Allowing the customers to call for their orders increases the number of ways the retailer can take orders from their customers.

Focus on Customer Service

Retailers should also focus on customer service. Even though they aim to increase sales, retailers should make sure to understand the needs of their customers. Understanding their need increases the chances of meeting them. And when a retailer meets these needs, the customer will be satisfied.

In this situation, the retailer can convert a one-time customer into a repeat customer. A repeat customer is someone who patronizes the products of the store after making his first purchase in the past. These are also considered by many retailers as loyal customers.

Start a Loyalty Program

Starting a loyalty program also allows the customers to receive rewards each time they purchase something from the store. The program aims to increase customer retention and create loyal customers. It also encourages referrals from its loyal customers who are satisfied with the products and services the store offers.

The store can start with a simple loyalty program where the customers collect points with each purchase. They can use the point later to purchase products from the store. In this situation, the retailer encourages its customers to buy from the store to earn points, which they can use to buy more products from the store.

With the economy in Singapore still recovering, retailers need to find ways to increase their sales in the middle of the pandemic.

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