Data Loss: The How-To of Not Losing Data in an Industrial Setup

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Modern times require modern innovation as well. A lot of things have to keep up with the fast phasing and development of technology. That is why most companies choose to invest in a trustworthy line subscription that will serve them well and protect their data. As recorded statistics of Boston, 34% of companies fail to examine their tape backups. With those that do, 77% have discovered tape back-up failures.

This is proof that most companies have minimal actions to avoid data loss. Here’s a quick view of the possible reasons for having data loss on an industrial set-up and some countermeasures on how they can avoid it.

Human Error

One of the most common reasons for having data loss is because we, humans, are not like technologies that have programs for avoiding such errors. We all make mistakes that mostly lead to the deletion of files. Most employees tend to overwrite and/or delete the important files to the business or company they are working in. Aside from that, human error can also produce hardware formatting, liquid spills, software corruptions, and even hard drive damage.

These mistakes are mostly not very alarming. This can be minimized or even prevented since humans can learn from their mistakes. One solution is having the employees be trained in handling data errors and other related knowledge they have to attain to minimize mistakes.

On the other end, the company can also turn some of their manual programs or tasks into automated ones. There would be less interaction of humans into the data itself; the system can generate the data needed and minimize the causes of errors possible.

Viruses and Malware

Surely, there is a lot of existing proof that viruses and malware are possible contributors to data loss, especially in industries that don’t have the protection of their software. Most of the viruses steal and delete tons of affected data causing the industry to lose its functionality.

It was mentioned in the data breach investigation report done by Verizon this 2020 that malware was involved in some 17 percent of data breaches. This means that there is a possibility that malware is contributors to such data losses, but it’s not the actual cause of it.

These viruses and malware can actually be avoided through such preventive measures and/or protocols. First, there must not be unknown external drives that would enter computers used by the employees. Most of the viruses are transferred through such external devices such as flash drives. Also, unknown emails, links, and prohibited sites must not be accessed by the employees to avoid possible malware.

Data Protection

data securityMost companies cannot provide such protection over their data, which leads to data loss or data breaches. Data is usually found in folders, and these folders have to be protected as well. Unfortunately, there’s a study conducted that most of these folders are open to everyone. Some even don’t have incident response plans on their system if there is such data loss. Also, some companies don’t provide backups on their data.

Despite this, luckily, technologies have lots to offer. There are readily available backup products that could offer security on such data that the industry has. If your company happens to have line subscription such as Microsoft 365, Google Apps, etc. There are wide options for backup like o365 backup, cloud storage to choose from over the net. This will help in data security in case of data loss.

Disaster and Calamities

Disasters and calamities are not often human errors, but they are inevitable events in our lives. Such problems are very unpredictable, and they can create a great impact on the business. They would destroy not just data from the inside but also computers and other technologies that your company has. Natural disasters leave damages irreparable, especially when the data are not backed up.

This is one of the importance of data backup. Aside from its mentioned advantages, it can give peace of mind to the company knowing that their data is secured and ready even on the most unexpected event.

Data, in general, is such a powerful and handy tool to help an industry or business run efficiently. Technology-wise, data can help you decide on certain important things. That is why protecting and securing it can make a lot of difference and impact. Doing so might take much of your budget, but it will surely be worth every penny to invest in protecting your data. Always remember that prevention is always better than cure, even for a business.

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