Is a Home Theater System a Worthwhile Investment?

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In this age of smart devices, people now have the accessibility that used to be limited to the type of device they have. Not until Blackberry revolutionized the game and created models you could use as a phone and a mini-computer did the market have any idea of the convenience we have today.

During the early 2000s, things were a bit different. If you wanted to access the internet, you need bulky laptops or single-purpose palmtops to do so. If you wanted to listen to music, you would have to download songs into storage and carry it with you and your MP3 players. Even iPods were just great for storing a thousand songs in your pocket and nothing more. If you wanted to watch a movie, you would have to go to the cinema or rent DVDs for the whole family.

Today, we could practically do everything using a smartphone. While the gifts of modernization are indeed wonders to be grateful for, the ways we enjoy things have changed as well. Now that streaming services are reigning in the entertainment industry, people could Netflix and chill on their phones and laptops in bed. While that seems to be casual and trendy, this article would beg to differ.

So, if you’re a film buff or you used to be, here are compelling reasons why you need a proper movie room. Why you should stop watching on your phone or your laptop and install a theater system and home audio speakers that would resonate deep down your cinephile souls.

Movies are meant to be enjoyed in high-definition.

Do you remember that dark Game of Thrones episode? The Long Night episode was literally too dark for almost everyone with low-specs television and audio system to enjoy. People were complaining over social media about how they cannot see the battle.

Once upon a time, 1080p was the pinnacle of viewing; it was already considered HD. Then came 2k, 4k, and today, we have 8k ultra-resolution of viewing. See, even if your favorite Harry Potter films weren’t shot in HD, they were made using 35mm film splicers and digital scanners. These beloved movies from 2001 are now remade to 2k and even 4k digital copies. So what you’re watching on Netflix has better elements than its original counterparts. The same thing could be said with older and classic films such as Titanic, Star Wars, and The Lord of the Rings. 

Game of Thrones season 8 was rendered in 4K (HDR). Thus, if you were watching it from a five-year-old laptop back then, you wouldn’t really be able to see Sansa’s dagger in hand. So, if you want your viewing experience to be better, you would need a theater system that could render the resolution properly and clearly. Video and audio in perfect sync.

An entertainment room creates stronger family ties.

If you are too young to remember the times when there are scheduled shows and movies on cable channels, you missed out on some memorable experiences. It was back when Grey’s Anatomy cannot be binged. You would have to wait for a year to know what happened next. It was when there is excitement each time 7/8C comes. Family members clamoring and rushing down to catch the recap, and it was when the living room was the heart of family entertainment. 

With the Netflix and chill phenomena today, the high-strung anticipation for shows and movies you cannot pause or rewind has somehow faded. People now take for granted the moments happening. Not that it is a bad thing, it is just, well, different. Some people even get stuck in choosing movies and never really hitting play. With a proper entertainment room, you could at least get the feeling back. It would condition you and your family to a mood (not a laid-back one) enjoying the whole movie.

It is an investment that would also boost your home’s resell value.

Well, if you’re a person that looks at a bigger picture, this one is for you. When you choose to empty your attic and convert it to an entertainment and movie room, you are adding an extra home feature to your house. Should you move out and decide to sell your place, you could attract more potential buyers because of this. Just think of it, if you ever need funds for an emergency, marketing your house would be easier!

Movies are powerful in the sense that they provide an escape. It is an art form intricately woven to make people feel. The cinematography, dialogues, characters, and scoring, tell us stories. When you watch a movie, you become part of it for two hours or more. What better way to do that but in style?

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