Camping Tech That Will Keep You Comfy in the Cold

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One of the hardest parts about camping is keeping yourself comfortable in low temperatures, especially during the colder months of the year. And if you’re not an experienced camper, getting exposed to cold temperatures can be extremely uncomfortable–even to the point of spoiling your trip entirely.

Donning yourself with Bogner’s ski wear for men and women¬†and building a healthy fire may not be enough to keep you toasty throughout the trip, especially at nighttime. To ensure your comfort while camping, here are some of the best camping technology to keep you warm in the most convenient way possible.

Liquid heating pads

Liquid heating pads are a must if you’re going to camp during the cold seasons. This nifty gadget contains a supersaturated solution of sodium acetate and metal disk that when pressed, creates a chemical reaction to produce heat. When you need extra warmth in your gloves, hat, or jacket, simply tuck a heating pad inside and activate it. The solution inside crystallizes and solidifies until the heat is all used up, and to recharge, you simply have to boil it in water. Most types of liquid heating pads can be used at least a hundred times, making it a high-value investment for minimal cost.

Portable camping stove

Cooking over a traditional campfire can be inconvenient at times, especially when you’re trying to make hot food or drinks anywhere other than the campsite. Make life easier by getting a portable camping stove that will allow you to cook or boil liquids anywhere you go–without the additional weight and bulkiness of a bigger camping stove.

Heated outerwear

Heated outerwear is one of the best innovations in outdoor technology. Gone are the days when you have to pile on layer after layer just to keep yourself warm during a camping trip. With heated outerwear, you can trek comfortably without the inconvenience of wearing multiple layers of clothes, which will also save you space in your backpack.

Depending on the brand, heated outerwear can last for around six to eight hours.

Insulated CCF sleeping pad

The cold ground will absorb the heat from your body without some form of insulation underneath your sleeping bag. An insulated closed-cell foam sleeping pad is the best answer to this problem. This gadget contains insulated material that minimizes the flow of heat from your sleeping bag to the hard ground below, keeping you warm throughout the night while also providing extra cushion for your body.

Aside from its effectiveness, choose a sleeping pad that is also lightweight and easy to pack in your backpack.

Heated chair

Bring a rechargeable heated chair on your next camping trip to provide easy warmth when you have to take a break from hiking or while lounging around the campsite. Keep in mind that this will add a significant amount of bulk to your load, so it’s highly recommended that you choose a chair that is compact and easily collapsible.

Thermal tent

The invention of the thermal tent changed the camping scene forever. A thermal tent is lined with insulation material to prevent heat loss from the inside (and cold loss during warmer months) more efficiently than regular tents.

Bringing this type of tent on your next camping trip can also reduce your overall load since you won’t have to bring as many clothes, blankets, and sleeping bags as you normally do.

Tent heater

If a thermal tent is not enough to keep you warm, invest in a tent heater to provide additional heat. Keep in mind that regular space heaters may not be safe to use in a tightly enclosed space like a tent, so it’s safest to choose a heater that is specifically made for tents. It’s also important to look for features like auto-shutoff, oxygen depletion sensor, high-temperature wire protection, and tip-over safety to avoid unnecessary mishaps in your tent.

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Camping tips to stay warm

Aside from upgrading your camping gear with these technologies, here are some essential tips to help you stay warm while camping.

1. Eat and drink

Think of your body as a furnace and food and drinks as the fuel. To ensure that your body produces enough heat, eat high-protein, high-fat foods intermittently, and drink plenty of water.

2. Remove sweaty clothes

Damp clothes make you feel colder. When you sweat through your base layer, change into dry clothes as soon as possible.

3. Don’t breathe into your sleeping bag

Doing so will trap moisture in the bag and cause condensation. Bring down the collar or zipper enough to allow you to breathe outside of the bag.

Cold temperatures are the bane for many outdoor enthusiasts. Keep yourself warm and comfortable throughout the trip by investing in these innovative camping technologies.

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