5 Most Common Problems of PC Builders

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PC building is becoming more and more popular these days. There’s a new version of the consoles coming this holiday season, but that shouldn’t take PC building’s steam. In fact, it’s putting the spotlight on the value of a purpose-built PC. A gaming console is a gaming console first, entertainment hub second, and a box third.

A computer that’s built from scratch is a gaming workhorse that can run anything you need for work or school. There’s debate on what’s the better peripherals, but even console gamers would admit that a keyboard and mouse is more useful in general than a joystick.

But, a console comes pre-built, pre-configured, and pre-everything. If you want to build a PC, you do it by piecing one part to another and so on. It’s either a DIY dream or a terrifying scenario you’re putting yourself in to get those high-frame rates. It’s very much worth it if you need to ask. The chance to run games like Witcher 3, Warzone, and the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 in true high definition at more than 60 frames per second? It’s the buttery goodness that keeps PC gaming loyal forever.

The Five Failure Hallmarks of PC Building

Before you get there, though, you have to go through the headaches. It could be too much that you’re going to have to call for technical support services, and there’s no shame in that.

RAM Failure

This one is quite maddening. All the tech forums told you that you should alternate your RAM stick configuration if there are four slots. Two slots are two slots so you put whatever you have there. And then, it’s not booting up. Everything checks out but you’re not sure if it’s your RAM or something else that’s the problem.

This is the maddening part because even if you’re not sure if it’s the memory sticks, you’re not sure. But, when you bring in to tech support, they just switched the RAM sticks and your computer turned on. What kind of magic is that!

CPU Temp Too High

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This is more dangerous than maddening. A CPU that’s too hot is prone to breaking. But you can only check if your CPU is running too hot if you run benchmarks. This only means one thing: you have to take the cooler off. Then, you see that what should’ve been a pea-sized pour of thermal paste was only the size of a rice grain. It didn’t cover the lid so your cooler wasn’t able to capture the heat and take it away.

Small Wattage

Headroom is important when buying a PSU, and when there’s not a lot of space between your typical power usage and the PSU wattage, that could spell problems for you. This is why you don’t stifle your budget for a PSU. Since it’s going to power your unit, it’s pretty damn important that you buy a solid model and allow for decent headroom.

HDD as Your SSD’s Cache

This is most likely Linus’ fault, the godfather of crazy PC building. This is hard to configure, and there’s little to no benefit to it.

Big GPU, Small Case

This is the simplest and most infuriating kind of error. Making another trip or waiting another week is just so unnecessary if you did your research first.

These things drive PC builders crazy, but the outcome is always worth it. This is especially true for highly customized PC with looped water cooling and RGB lights from head to toe. But patience is needed to unlock this achievement.

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